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Blue Barite

Barite Crystal Blue Mineral Specimen Morocco 16 grams


Blue BARITE Crystals On Matrix * Sidi Lahcen,Morocco Specimen 3.00'x1.25' BEAUTY


Blue Barite, Stoneham, Colorado


#5376 Blue Barite - Nador, Morocco


REILLY’S ROCKS: Bingham Blue Fluorite, Barite On Matrix Rock, 1.75 Lb.


Blue Fluorite Cluster on Quartz and Barite, Bingham, New Mexico


BARITE gemmy blue twinned crystals Weld County, CO. Unusual crystal habit


#5377 Blue Barite - Nador, Morocco


Barite gemmy blue crystal vug Weld County, CO. Vitreous terminated crystals


Intensely blue cubic Fluorite, Barite and Galena crystals  Blanchard Mine. N. M.


BARITE CRYSTAL gemmy blue-gray crystal Weld County, CO. No damage Miniature


Baby Blue BARITE Spray on Matrix * Sidi Lahcen, Nador Morocco * 4" x 2.5"


Blue Barite on Matrix Crystal Specimen, Oriental Region Morocco


1.8" Gemmy BLUE BARITE Shiny Gemmy Twinned Crystals Stoneham Colorado for sale


#3198 Blue Barite - Morocco


1.8cm Blue BARITE Specimen from New Raymer, Colorado, USA BeeLine Thumbnail 3069


Blue Barite Crystals Mineral Specimen, Teresita mine - Spain / 4,2 x 3,7 x 3,5cm


#3172 Blue Barite - Morocco


COLORADO BLUE BARITE Terminated Gem Crystal Healing Mineral


Blue Barite Crystal Cluster PAGA Mine, GA Georgia Baryte


#2558 Blue Barite - Mibladen, Morocco


REILLY’S ROCKS: Blue Fluorite, Galena, Barite, Flat Of Bingham NM. Minerals.


MUSEUM! NEW FIND! Unusual! Very rare! Blue BARYTE, BARITE Cavnic Mine, ROMANIA


Superb Cockscomb Sky Blue Barite Terminated Gem Crystals Glassy Morocco


#5375 Blue Barite - Nador, Morocco


#2755 Blue Barite - Morocco


REILLY’S ROCKS: Blue Fluorite, Barite, Galena, On Matrix, Bingham New Mexico


BLUE BARITE (Baryte) Large Morocco 1910g


Blue Barite Crystals, Stoneham, Colorado


SS Rocks - "Fluorescent" Blue Barite (Palos Verdes, California) 1.04lbs